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Program Note

I’ve been asked about my poetry and short fiction and whether or not it would see the light of day on this site. Since  more than one person has asked, I shall begin to transcribe some of my other non-essay writing here and you should start seeing it in the next few days.

Now that I’ve finished with the Six Days of Darkness on my companion blog, Cinema365 I’ll be able to devote more time to this site. Consequently the next post here will harken back to my days as the music editor at the San Jose Metro, as I’ll discuss Three Bands That Matter. This will go up later on today or tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get away from just posting my regular Friday blog and add more material on other days of the week.

I’m also thinking of doing a little writing exercise. What I’d like to do is write some short stories with a lead character you may know – yourself. You will choose the type of story you want written, from any genre – science fiction/fantasy, romance, historical fiction, even erotic fiction if you so choose. For your part I’ll be interviewing you to find out a little more about you so I can make the story more realistic. I’m calling this little exercise “You are the Protagonist” and if it proves to be popular will be a regular feature here.

If you are interested in having a story written about you, send a comment on this post indicating that you want to give it a try and I’ll contact you back and set up a time when we can talk, either by phone or instant message. Plan on the interview taking anywhere from 30-90 minutes.

If there’s anything else you’d like to see posted, or something you’d like me to write an essay about such as a current event, affairs of the heart or just something in life that ticks you off, drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you either way.


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