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A Christmas Prayer

On this Christmas day for every heart I pray
That war becomes the past unrepeated at long last
The hate that’s fueled by fear replace by love for all those near
That greed is left behind and charity first in mind

Those afraid, alone find comfort in their home
That those too poor for a tree at last find prosperity
Those who long to work find a job that pays their worth
Those transgressions big and small are forgiven by us all

Troops in foreign lands return from desert sands
To hug their families the way it’s meant to be
That guns and bombs defused and ne’er again are used
Those who’ve lost ones dear find comfort with those near

That all our elected people stop acting quite so feeble
And remember who they serve, and NOT the funds incurred
And the wealthy learn to give that need not so much to live
And all at long last learn that we’re together on this earth

We each one are connected, by the same needs are directed
We eat, we love, we need, we’re born we die we bleed
We love our families fiercely protect our children’s nursery
We see our children grow and hate to see them go

I’ve learned in all my chatters we’re the same in all that matters
And hope in all resides that tomorrow will be bright
That things are better soon for the earth the sun the moon
Responsible we’ll soon feel then the planet shall be healed

Our friends so cherished are done so near and far
And though distance separates our affection permeates
That regardless of belief that those of every creed
Will reach out to each other as parent sister brother

For the spirit is the thing particulars have no meaning
Whether Christian Muslim Jew, we celebrate as we do
Being human, what we are – all children of this star
Someday we’ll venture to places we never knew

And when we travel there we bring with us this prayer
That we’re more alike than not and have learned to be tolerant
To accept us no matter what is different about us but
To take joy in our identities by those differences are pleased

For we are meant to be a colorful tapestry
Not merely a single weave but a legacy to leave
For this my hope burns bright in dark despair will light
For it merely takes one heart for better days to start

So my readers many or few I wish for all of you
Peace and love and joy man woman girl and boy
Reach out to those who need, give comfort to those who bleed
Hold those whose hearts ache, fix those hearts that break

Give what you can give for everyone who lives
And save some for yourself physician heal thyself
I hope you always know I love you all and so
For all these things I pray upon this Christmas day.


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