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You Say You Want a Resolution?

Another decade, another dollar. Isn’t that how we’re all feeling these days? It seems like the rich get richer and everyone else gets poorer even as a new decade gives us hope for better days ahead.

A new year is always a bit of a fresh start for all of us. It’s a time when we can look ahead and say “this is a good time to make some positive changes.” It is a time for resolutions.

Most of us have some sort of resolution or another at the New Year. Most of the time, they are mainly vague promises to ourselves to improve on something that we see in ourselves that we want to change. Much of the time, our resolutions are fairly mundane – to quite smoking, lose weight, and get in shape etc. All of these things are within our control.

Once in awhile, we make vows that are a little more difficult to achieve. Get out of debt, get a better job, find a better mate – I’ve heard these all before. At least one of them was one of my resolutions once upon a time.

This is also the time of year where we tally up how we did in 2009. Do you even remember what your New Years resolution was January 1, 2009? I had several, some serious and some not so much. The serious one was that I wanted to lose 100 pounds by December 31. I didn’t quite make it, but I came close to my goal – a little over 90 pounds came off during 2009. I intend to keep that up this year, although I’m not setting as specific a goal this time out.

My resolution this year is a bit more esoteric and as such, perhaps less attainable in many ways. Certainly it is less quantifiable. My goal this year is simply to help people.

Sounds simple, no? Think about it for a minute. Help people how? Where? Who? How can I tell if I’ve actually helped somebody or just appeared to? What was I thinking?

It’s not just the actual help that is part of my goal, it is the attempt to. Not having a large endowment of cash at my disposal, I won’t be able to help a family in need with mortgage payments, or buy someone who needs transportation a car. I’ll have to settle for the things I can do, and that is to give something that I hope will be wanted and needed; my common sense, my compassion and my willingness to listen.

Many of my friends have been through some difficult times this past year. Marriages ended, loved ones passed away, jobs disappeared. The challenges were different, but one thing was the same; when they felt like someone was listening, things got a little better. Sometimes all it took was someone to bounce some ideas off of. Sometimes, it was just knowing that someone cared enough to listen that made the difference.

I am a pretty good listener if I do say so myself. I’ve found that I’m pretty good at giving advice and comfort as well – so I’ve been told, anyway. So, as part of my resolution, I intend to give a little back. I’ve had occasion to vent to those who are close to me over the years about whatever tribulations I was going through at the time. It’s time to pay that back.

So here’s the deal. I’m making myself available as a vent jockey. You have a grievance you have to get off your chest? Look me up. You need a sympathetic ear? I’m there. Want some friendly advice on love, life and whatever else is left? Gotcha covered. Whether we’re friends, acquaintances or you just read this by happenstance on the web, I’m willing to offer up my ear, my brain and my heart.

I’m not a trained therapist or a licensed psy-anything. I can’t treat you as a patient because I’m not a doctor. My only qualification is that I’m a human being with a certain amount of sensitivity. If you’ve read some of my blogs and find that what I’ve written speaks to you, or makes some kind of sense, then perhaps I can help you with a specific issue. In any case, I’m offering this up without charge or desire for reward. If I can help someone get through a tough time in their life, if I can maybe make someone who is down smile for a little while, then I’ve done what I’m setting out to do.

If these are things that you think you might need, simply reply and I’ll get in touch. I’m willing to communicate by e-mail, messenger or if you want a personal touch, by Skype in certain instances.

I’m not saying that I can turn anybody’s life around – I’m not quite that big-headed. What I can do is be a friendly, sympathetic ear and maybe say something that will help you feel a bit better than you did going in. If you’re looking for someone like that and can’t find that around you (and chances are if you look hard enough, you probably can), you can help me by letting me be there for you.

See? You get to vent and help me meet my New Year’s resolution. Talk about a win-win right? My goal is to help make things better a little bit at a time wherever I can. From where I’m sitting, that’s not a bad resolution to aspire to. So, any takers?


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