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Zhejiang Pavilion

Zhejiang Pavilion

THEME: Urban and Rural

PAVILION: The exhibition shows how Zhejiang, an eastern China province adjacent to Shanghai, has successfully made urban and rural areas develop and prosper together. Known as the Bamboo Cube, the Zhejiang Pavilion itself features a structure made of bamboo, one of the most representative elements in the province.

EXHIBIT: The Pavilion consists of three sections; front, central and rear halls. In the front hall, images of mountain landscapes, lakes and bijou villas are reflected onto the curved wall in electronic displays. Inside the central exhibition hall, the Pavilion offers a huge celadon bowl brimming with clear water as its ideogram, depicting the beautiful, misty scenery of South China, especially Zhejiang as a poetic and picturesque home. The bowl towers in the central hall at three meters high and eight meters in diameter. Water glistens by the green jade and spills over. Spectators will be hoisted to the edge of the bowl to witness a unique combination of magical vision and modern technology. Inside the huge bowl, real objects moving with scenes in multimedia are on display with unfolding scrolls of poetic scenery one after another. Visitors will first be greeted by a display of Hemdu culture, a Neolithic culture that flourished in Zhejiang about 7,000 years ago. It is followed by a scene of rich harvest as well as the hustle and bustle of the Grand Canal, a waterway that has linked Beijing and Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang, for more than a thousand years. Ten minute electronic shows also include scenes of the four seasons of West Lake, the magnificent bridge built over Hangzhou Bay and many other scenes from the province. In the rear hall, displays demonstrate 11 representative cases of the combined development of cities and villages in Zhejiang.

CUISINE: After a complete tour of the Pavilion, visitors will have a chance to taste Longjing, a famous tea in the province with the water for brewing it from Tiger Spring near West Lake in Hangzhou city.

SHOPPING: There is no specific shopping facility listed for the Pavilion.


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