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Anhui Pavilion

Anhui Pavilion

THEME: The Core Culture of Anhui

PAVILION: The exterior of the Pavilion follows the unique Hui-style architecture, creating a harmonious composition of ancient Chinese buildings. The exterior of the rectangular structure uses a Barrisol curtain with rectangular fenders to absorb sunlight, to create the feel of a Hui-style building that can easily stand out amongst other Pavilions. 

EXHIBIT: Huangmei Opera and Huangudeng, a folk dance that uses handkerchiefs, drums and lanterns will be performed at the Pavilion. Visitors will be led through Anhui’s beautiful old streets and explore the success of Anhui merchants as well as the urban development of the province. The first surprise of the Pavilion comes at the entrance where a laser image of a famed Guest-Greeting Pine at the entrance of Yellow Mountain will welcome visitors. Names of various cities in Anhui will glisten on its branches. Visitors will then arrive in a round theater – the exhibition area called Colorful City – where they will encounter a huge gift box that will be gradually unpacked until a crystal bottle dazzles visitors. With pleasant music, a seven-colored ink will spill out of the bottle from the top and flow down. After the touch of a child’s hands, the bottle will display an ink and water painting of Yellow Mountain. Before long, the painting will fade and on the surface of the bottle tourist attractions will appear, followed by videos about the development of industry, agriculture, infrastructure, advanced technology, territorial culture and the increasingly open policy of the province.

CUISINE: Visitors will be able to sample Hui Cai cuisine, one of the eight major cuisines of China while enjoying a folk art extravaganza.

SHOPPING: There is no specific shopping facility listed for the Pavilion.


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