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Shandong Pavilion

Shandong Pavilion

THEME: A Lush, Green Garden

PAVILION: The Pavilion forms the cultural conception of “stretching mountains and rivers” and depicts Shandong’s geographical features from the main perspective of the towering Mt. Tai. The Pavilion was among the first to be completed and had a special early preview.

EXHIBIT: The open entrance displays the hospitality for friends from afar. The three sections of “Wisdom Corridor,” “City Window” and “Shandong Home” show Shandong’s culture, charm and hospitality and future city life, expressing the connotation of “Harmonious But Different, Our Home.” There will be an exhibit on the philosophy of Confucius as well as a 2.5—meter high copper statue of the ancient Chinese philosopher. In service next to that is a gigantic LED screen modeled on a Luban lock. There is also a film showing the beauty of Mt. Tai.

CUISINE: There is no dining area listed for the Pavilion.

SHOPPING: There is no specific shopping facility listed for the Pavilion.


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