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Guangdong Pavilion

Guangdong Pavilion

THEME: Guangdong Qilou, Green Life

PAVILION: The Pavilion in the shape of a Qilou (special local structure) is inspired by the local paper-cutting techniques to demonstrate the strong Guangdong taste.

EXHIBIT: The three sections of Green Life, Green Cities and Green Myths interpret the pursuit of Green life through high-tech means and innovative ideas. In “Green Life,” the pottery painting “Canton Flavor” is displayed; it is a treasured painting, being one of the first in the world to utilize ceramic glazing and crystal mounting. A virtual photo shop stall will allow you to choose a “partner” and show you what your future offspring might look like. The ceiling of the Pavilion is covered with a “sky curtain” that can be made to reflect different times of the day and different weather. When visitors clap their hands, a small tree on the screen grows into a giant tree and then into a forest. In “Green City” the exhibit hall resembles a high speed intercity train with scenes of Guangdong cities and natural settings in the “windows.” In “Green Myths,” a 5D film called “Bird-Paradise” is shown, about two birds that have fallen in love and seek a better place to live. The theater is a motion control theater, with the seats reacting to the action on-screen; an interactive feature allows the audience to control the blooming of flowers onscreen by waving their hands.

CUISINE: There is a tea shop in the shopping arcade.

SHOPPING: The entire building is meant to resemble a typical shopping arcade in Guangdong; some of the stalls will sell items from Guangdong.


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