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Guizhou Pavilion

Guizhou Pavilion

THEME: Intoxicating Beauty of a Summer Paradise

PAVILION: The Pavilion’s grand appearance is a combination of unique visual elements of Guizhou, such as drum towers and wind and rain bridge. The architectural shape boldly exaggerates the form of ethnic minorities’ silver head dress, displaying special folk characteristics.

EXHIBIT: The Pavilion shows the special intoxicating beauty of the local ecology and folk customs, and the blueprint of a network city featuring harmony between man and nature. A large waterfall with images of the province will greet visitors as they enter, and performances of Miao girls singing folk songs and performing local dances will take place in the inner courtyard. The Dong Choir drum show will also perform. A bottle of the world famous Moutai wine will be upturned over a globe, creating a brook that surrounds the wind-rain bridge corridor that in turn surrounds the inner courtyard. The brook ends in the aforementioned waterfall. Moutai wine will be added to the water to allow the scent of the wine to permeate the Pavilion. On the wind-rain bridge, objects from the artisans of the province will be on display, including batik, embroidery, Puyi carpet, Dafang lacquerwork, silver accessories, masks, paper-cut, Yuping bamboo flutes and Maojian tea. A puzzle game at the Pavilion’s exit will tantalize visitors.

CUISINE: Selected guests will have the opportunity to sample the acclaimed local wine.

SHOPPING: There is no specific shopping facility listed for the Pavilion.


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