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Ningxia Province

Ningxia Pavilion

THEME: Natural Ningxia, Harmonious Land

PAVILION: Lumpy curves and the distinctive structure symbolize the multi-landscape and the integration of various cultures in Ningxia province.

EXHIBIT: Bearing the Islamic style, the Pavilion holds exhibitions on different themes to mainly display the economic development, technical progress and culture of cities along the Yellow River, reflecting the fertility and beauty of the hinterland of the river basin and an open, harmonious and vigorous Ningxia. A water wheel of the sort common throughout Ningxia province greets visitors at the entrance. A panoramic image of a beautiful Ningxia sunrise illuminates exhibits of folk art and artifacts from the province while a map of the province is visible on a podium below. On the second floor is what appears to be a model of a futuristic city as well as a video about the province’s beautiful landscapes. There are also other interactive exhibits.

CUISINE: There is a small dining area on the first floor.

SHOPPING: There is a small souvenir stand on the first floor.


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