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Xinjiang Pavilion

Xinjiang Pavilion

THEME: Xinjiang is a Nice Place

PAVILION: With references to Xinjiang architectural elements, the Pavilion’s exterior walls incorporate cultural symbols to achieve a perfect color collocation and form romantic artistic symbols. The curved lines imply the dancing silk and sand dunes.

EXHIBIT: The Pavilion, divided into three sections, demonstrates the generosity and cheerfulness of the Xinjiang people. Murals of the people of Xinjiang in various ethnic costumes, the lovely scenery of Xinjiang and ancient paintings from the province cover the walls of the entrance and a grape arbor hangs from the roof. In the first exhibit section, a map of Xinjiang greets the visitor who is then able to watch videos on the province’s justifiably world famous jade, their bountiful farmland and ancient animal husbandry techniques and on their developing industrial aspects. The second gallery contains a multimedia show with dancing, music and video. The third gallery will have an exhibit on the fruits and vegetables grown in the province along with one on the music and traditional musical instruments of the province. As visitors exit the Pavilion, they’ll observe the metamorphosis of an urban environment from an ancient Islamic settlement to a modern 21st century city. Visitors will also have their picture taken which will then be superimposed on a figure in traditional Xinjiang minority dress so they can see what they look like as an ethnic minority (you can also do this in their online Pavilion if you can’t make it to Expo).

CUISINE: There is no dining area listed for the Pavilion.

SHOPPING: There is no specific shopping facility listed for the Pavilion.


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