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Qatar Pavilion

Qatar Pavilion

THEME: My City: Present Ambitions and Future Expectations

PAVILION: The concrete walls of the Pavilion feature art patterns reminiscent of the Barzan Tower, a landmark building in the country. The tower in Doha once served as an observatory of lunar phases as well as a signal tower for approaching ships and pearl divers. It represents the glorious memory of the Qataris.

EXHIBIT: Visitors entering the Pavilion will reach the reception desk where helpful attendants will be happy to help make your visit to the Pavilion a profitable one. On the wall is a map of Qatar and portraits of the Sultan and his cabinet. Visitors will then embark up a staircase and escalator to the second floor, where they will be greeted by a display on pearls, part of Qatar’s bounty from the Sea which also includes crab, natural gas and oil; the gallery is meant to give visitors a sense of being under the deep blue sea. Visitors will emerge from the sea into a typical Qatari town, where a video of rural life in Qatar is shown. Smaller videos will illustrate the importance of the marketplace in urban rejuvenation and display dhow building, weaving and other traditional Qatari skills. Next, visitors will return downstairs to the first floor where there will be a small performance space for Qatari folk music, dancing and other performers. Displays show the wisdom of Qatari urban life and projects underway (or soon to be underway) that are expected to improve the infrastructure of Qatari life, including the new Doha International Airport, Burwa Al-Diar, International Qatar Petroleum Center, Massaeid Industrial City, Fair Land, Sport City and Education City. The final gallery has a display of Qatari art and artwork.

CUISINE: There is no dining area listed for the Pavilion.

SHOPPING: There is a souvenir shop at the Pavilion’s exit.


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