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Morocco Pavilion

Morocco Pavilion

THEME: The Art of Life

PAVILION: Morocco is the only African country that has built its own Pavilion. Its exhibition area at 1,000 square meters is also the most of any country on that continent. The design is inspired by the rich culture of Morocco which embodies wisdom and the spirit of innovation.

EXHIBIT: The Pavilion aims to create a cozy and comfortable environment for visitors. Advanced technologies have been used to create it as a work of art. The exhibition represents the different aspirations of Moroccan residents and their lives as well as Morocco’s thinking over history, culture, environment and urban development. Visitors will enter into the ground floor gallery to a magnificent space, with a traditional Arabic courtyard in the center containing palm trees and a gorgeous fountain. The vaulted ceiling contains a beautiful chandelier. Display cases showcase artifacts and Moroccan artistry, while extra-large video screens on either side of the Pavilion show scenes of Moroccan life. The second floor is essentially a corridor that winds around the perimeter of the Pavilion, with alcoves and small rooms showing exhibits of traditional Moroccan handicrafts, ancient Moroccan artifacts, and the ebb and flow of daily life in Morocco. These illustrate both the practical aspects of our culture as well as our inherent sense of beauty. Several of the exhibits have accompanying videos that illustrate the making and the use of these items in daily Moroccan life. The third floor of the Pavilion includes a giant curved video screen and a multi-projection system that shows off the beauty of Morocco and the bright future that is ours.

CUISINE: There is no dining area listed for the Pavilion.

SHOPPING: Souvenirs and some handicrafts are available in a small shopping area.


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