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Bahrain Pavilion

Bahrain Pavilion

THEME: Small is Beautiful

PAVILION: The Pavilion is classical Bahraini architecture with a white exterior wall and the curved structure of the internal designing, presenting this charming nation from a special perspective. The interior design borrows inspiration from the organic curves of an oyster shell, creating a smooth walk-flow pathway.

EXHIBIT: A curved path leads visitors on a tour of discovery from historical culture to modern development to future aspirations. Ancient craftsmanship is shown in replicas of cultural relics with high archaeological value. Also on display is modern and traditional Bahraini jewelry. Videos and touch screen interactions allow visitors to get closer to Bahrain’s unique way of life and national heritages. The entrance gallery is dominated by a large statue and fountain of a pearl diver. A jewel-like video display broadcasts images of Bahraini life and industry while smaller displays inform visitors about the ancient civilization in Bahrain, showing artifacts of that age including some of her renowned pearl jewelry. The second gallery has a video presentation of the film “Bahrain, Pearl of Arabia” as well as displays of modern Bahrain, including her important contribution to oil exploration and production.

CUISINE: There is no dining area listed for the Pavilion.

SHOPPING: There is a small souvenir stand at the Pavilion’s entrance.

Note: This Pavilion is part of the Asia Joint Pavilion II.


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