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India Pavilion

THEME: Cities of Harmony

PAVILION: The Pavilion features a crimson central dome, symbolizing the theme “Unity in Diversity” in India. A focus throughout the exhibit will be on interaction between rural and urban areas through exchange of goods and services.     

EXHIBIT: Revolving around a journey to Indian cities from ancient times through medieval periods to modern times, the Pavilion showcases India’s rich cultural heritage, its diversity of faith, culture and language, traditional and modern technological development and urban-rural interface. The entrance to the Pavilion is through a vaulted portal with the “Tree of Life” carving inspired by the Siddi Syed Mosque at Ahmedabad. Clay and bluestone mark the ground paving, taken from similar designs from ancient Indian palaces. The central dome is herb-roofed with the “Tree of Life” in copper. The innovative combination of plants and metals distinguish the dome. The seemingly ancient Pavilion is replete with marvelous technologies. The Pavilion is designed as a Zero-chemical area. Energy efficiency is made possible through the use of solar panels, windmills, herbs and bamboo. The terra cotta and stone floor is inspired by the Palace at Rampur in Varanasi and is cooled by embedded pipes. Therefore visitors will be touring around the Pavilion in a cool and comfortable temperature even in the summer. In the center of the interior of the dome is a special theater. The 360 degree holographic projection, entitled “Cities of Harmony,” depicts India’s evolution over its long history from the ancient times of Mohan Jodaro and Harappa (dating back to 2000-3000BC) through the medieval period to modern India. The displays around the dome will further elaborate on the theme.

CUISINE: The Indian Market will be open for curious visitors. In fact, the attic in this market belongs to one of the exhibition areas of the Pavilion which one can get a birds-eye view of the whole Pavilion. The Market is also the catering service area. Traditional delicacies from various regions of India can be relished here.

SHOPPING: The Shopping Arcade in the Pavilion enables the visitors to see the artisans from different parts of the country demonstrating their skills. Specialized products from different regions will be available for sale. The Shopping Arcade also displays typical Indian columns in its arcade structure. The Amphitheater will host cultural shows from different regions of India on a regular basis.


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  1. Hi guy, It sounds really good!

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