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Saudi Arabia Pavilion

Saudi Arabia Pavilion

THEME: Vitality of Life

PAVILION: The Pavilion features a fine centerpiece, a hanging boat in the shape of a half moon. The “moon boat” is loaded with dreams and friendship. Date palms have been planted on the top deck, creating a hanging garden and thus epitomizing the oases in the desert. Visitors will receive a warm welcome in both modern as well as traditional Bedouin tents set among the palm trees.     

EXHIBIT: The Pavilion showcases Arabian wisdom in creating wonderful city life in spite of the severe natural environment without rivers or lakes. Highlights include four types of cities; the City of Energy, the City of Oasis, the Ancient City with Rich Cultural Heritage and the City of Fast-Growing Economy. The first floor of the Pavilion is a friendship garden with both Chinese and Saudi trees growing, a symbol of the friendship between the two nations. Saudi Arabia, the homeland of the date palm tree, has reproduced the scene of an oasis in the desert by replanting palm trees in both the roof garden and the friendship garden at ground level. The design is to have the Pavilion elevated above the ground and floating between two gardens. Visitors enter the moon boat through a Corridor of Arts. Between stone columns, magnificent lighted panels designed by one of Saudi Arabia’s most famous calligraphers create a beautiful light show as visitors ascend to the first exhibition gallery. Videos along the walls display the romance and allure of Saudi Arabia’s ancient cities and eternal desert. This brings us into the first Exhibition gallery, the Cities and People Hall. In this gallery, a pathway takes visitors past giant exhibitions on the History of the country, it’s importance as the seat of Islam, the economic success that came from its oil production, as well as the strength of its people and it’s ruler, King Abdullah. The exciting new development of four Economic Cities, which will be models for sustainable economic growth in the future, will also be on display. At the end of the pathway is the Pavilion’s main attraction, the Cinema Treasure Gallery. The 1,600-square meter IMAX screen is larger than any other cinema screen on earth. Short films will be presented on the screen. Visitors will be led along a corridor that is about halfway up the screen, allowing the images to envelop the viewer. Incredible sound and visual projection make this a thrill for all the senses. Mirrors on the ceiling and opposite wall reflect the images on the screen, dazzling the viewer. Visitors exit the theater onto the rooftop garden, the Arabian Oasis. Visitors will be dazzled by a spectacular view of the Expo. Exiting the Arabian Oasis, visitors will be led down a descending spiral pathway to the Pavilion Hall. At the bottom of the spiral ramp is a gorgeous Arabian fountain surrounded by intricate ceramic tiles. The Pavilion features a 2,000-square meter cultural plaza where cultural activities will take place. Dancers from all over Saudi Arabia will participate in dances and other activities within the plaza on a daily basis. The main entrance and exit of the Pavilion form part of the Pavilion hall which features an enormous atrium with walls and fountains and rich Arabic geometrical latticework. Visitors will explore the historical Silk Road route as well as traditional crafts and special collections here.

CUISINE: There is no dining area listed for the Pavilion.

SHOPPING: Souvenirs may be purchased in the gift shop in the Pavilion Hall.


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