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Laos Pavilion

Laos Pavilion

THEME: City of Charm – Luang Prabang, Charming World Heritage Town

PAVILION: The model of Luang Prabang, a famous ancient city of Laos, displays the connection between tradition and the modern society.

EXHIBIT: The exhibition highlights the interrelation between environmental protection and economic prosperity and the importance of sustainable urban development. The unique lamps and lanterns, textiles, handicrafts and traditional dances reflect the local customs of Laos. The centerpiece of the Pavilion, indeed of Lao life, is a Lao temple. There is also a typical Lao home modeled inside the Pavilion as well as a Colonial-style home. Lightboxes on the wall show natural scenery, such as hills, waterfalls and caves, as well as local buildings. A gigantic photomural gives a panoramic view of a Luang Prabang. A small performance stage will periodically present Buddhist monks creating paintings and sculptures, as well as traditional Lao music and dance.

CUISINE: There appears to be a small café located near the exit.

SHOPPING: There is no specific shopping facility listed for the Pavilion.

Note: This Pavilion is part of the Asia Joint Pavilion III


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