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Iraq Pavilion

Iraq Pavilion

THEME: City of the Future

PAVILION: The Pavilion is a recreation of one of the wonders of the ancient world, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.  

EXHIBIT: In the center of the Pavilion is a scene beloved of children everywhere; the beautiful Scheherazade sits on the carpet and narrates a story to her king, while a mischievous genii eavesdrops from the ceiling. A model of a dream city is exhibited along the wall, a city that Iranian officials hope will be built in Najaf within the next three years. Along the walls hang tapestries and pictures of Arabian myths and tales, as well as an exhibit on the first code of law in the entire world, the code of Hammurabi. There is also an exhibit of ancient cuneiform writing, one of the first writing systems in the world. A large screen projects the movie Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. It was the last of the Pavilions to open.

CUISINE: There appears to be a small café located near the exit.

SHOPPING: There is a small souvenir stand at the rear of the Pavilion.

Note: This Pavilion is located in the Asia Joint Pavilion III


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