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Kazakhstan Pavilion

Kazakhstan Pavilion

THEME: Astana – the Hearth of Eurasia

PAVILION: The façade of the Pavilion resembles a present that has just been opened, or an ongoing celebration. It symbolizes the youth and vitality of Astana, it’s capital.

Interior, Kazakhstan Pavilion

EXHIBIT: The interior of the Pavilion comprises eight zones: Territory of Knowledge, 4D Cinema, Winter, Interactive Entertainments, Square of Astana, Soft Tribune, Art Zone (photo gallery) and Farewell to Kazakhstan. Advanced electronic and information systems as well as virtual reproduction technologies will be used. The first stop is Territory of Knowledge, where interactive video screens will give an entertaining and informative look at the history of Astana, the youngest capital city in the world. Interactive Entertainment is the second zone, where tables with interactive computer screens as well as wall-mounted video screens allow visitors to select the information they wish to retrieve in Kazakh, Chinese or English. There are also several games for the young and young at heart. There is also a changing Art Zone which will show photos and artwork from Kazakh artists. From here, visitors will climb the stairs to the 43-seat 4D Cinema, a journey to Kazakhstan utilizing high quality video and marvelous special effects. Guests will then exit the theater into our spectacular Winter zone, the “coolest” part of the Pavilion. Scenes of winter, winter sports and snow along with a special cooling mechanism designed to help cool down visitors even in the sultry heat of a Shanghai summer create a memorable environment for the visitor. The next destination is Square of Astana, which recreates the center of Astana and the sculpture Baiterek, symbol of Astana, standing 12 meters high. The Soft Tribune is a performance area, where visitors can rest and enjoy folk ensembles, dancing troupes and other Kazakh performers. Farewell to Kazakhstan is the exit to the Pavilion where we say a special goodbye to all our visitors.

CUISINE: There is no dining area listed for the Pavilion.

SHOPPING: There is a fairly extensive shopping area at the Pavilion’s exit.


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