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Uzbekistan Pavilion

Uzbekistan Pavilion

THEME: Uzbekistan – the Crossroads of Civilization

PAVILION: Decorated in accordance with the national traditions of Uzbek architecture, the façade is decorated with mirror wave-like acrylic which playfully reflects movement and sunlight during the day. A large LED screen is placed over the entrance. The glass doors of the entrance are framed by fragments of the entrance portal of Sher Dor madrasah, from the 15th century – the golden age of Samarkand architecture.

EXHIBIT: Videos and songs performed with Uzbek musical instruments are displayed throughout, representing the diversified culture, prosperous economy, vigorous development of science and technology and harmonious progress between urban and rural areas of Uzbekistan. Measuring software of space volumes enables visitors to appreciate ancient architecture from different directions and inspections. Multimedia interactive maps enable visitors to make virtual tours to the ancient city of Khiva. The interior has a distinctively modern look, with a beautiful sculpture in the Pavilion’s center and video stations, lighted panels and modern lighting. However, there is certainly a nod to the rich cultural history of Uzbekistan, with doorways, archways and décor displaying the traditions of Uzbek architecture and cultural sensibilities.

CUISINE: There is a small café in the rear of the Pavilion.

SHOPPING: There is a gift shop in the rear of the Pavilion near the snack bar.


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  1. With much respect to a person who posted it, but I don’t think it’s as superb as people says.

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