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Iran Pavilion

Iran Pavilion

THEME: Blending of Diverse Cultures in the City

PAVILION: The Pavilion fully embodies traditional Islamic architecture and reveals its glorious ancient art and colorful contemporary lives. The Pavilion emphasizes the harmonious development between Iranian rural and urban areas. 

Iran Pavilion Interior

EXHIBIT: The whole Pavilion is divided into three sections; Iran of the past, present and future. Iran of the past introduces the nation and its civilization while the present division displays archaeological treasures and cultural heritages of Iran. Water, soil, light and color are the main design elements of the Pavilion. Water, with the image and sounds of its flow, signifies the nation’s vast space; soil symbolizes humanity and their creations; light is regarded as an emblem for the origin of nature and various colors are tokens for the wide range of animal species living within Iran. The first floor of the Pavilion has exhibits of archaeological artifacts from Iran’s distant past, as well as large-scale lighted photo boxes of more recent events. The main gallery on the first floor has a spectacular fountain of exquisite beauty dominating the center of the room, with seating around it so visitors may rest and enjoy the coolness of the water. A quarter dome above the main gallery represents Iran’s place as one of the four original human cultures. Modern oil production as well as the future of Iranian cities is exhibited here. Video stations and other exhibits show the productivity and craftsmanship of the modern Iranian. There is also a display on Iran’s extensive innovation in the fields of lasers, including a laser harp which visitors can actually play by touching their fingers to the laser beams.

Iran Pavilion Interior

CUISINE: There is a small café on the first floor.

SHOPPING: The second floor contains a large shopping center where visitors may purchase world-famous Persian rugs, as well as the artwork and folk crafts of Iran.

Iran Pavilion shop


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