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Lebanon Pavilion

Lebanon Pavilion

THEME: The Tell-Tale Cities

PAVILION: The Pavilion’s theme involves exhibitions of culture-enriched customs, natural sceneries and historical monuments of Lebanon.

Lebanon Pavilion Interior

EXHIBIT: The exhibit is an exact and unique reproduction of the beautiful landscape and development process of Lebanon. Displayed here are the Phoenician alphabets on the King Ahiram sarcophagus are regarded as the earliest ancestors of Hebrew, Greek and Latin. The sarcophagus is the first exhibit as you enter the Pavilion. Ahiram is referred to in the Bible as the Tyre king, who sold King David and King Solomon wood to be used for the Great Temple of Jerusalem. Multimedia tools are used in the display of Lebanon’s natural wonder of Jeita Grotto, including 3D photos of the world-famous grotto. There is also a theater in which a short documentary film of the wonders of ancient and modern Lebanon is shown. The ceiling of the Pavilion is covered with letters of the Phoenician alphabet.

Lebanon Pavilion Interior

CUISINE: Amazing delicacies of Lebanon including dried fruits, mixed nuts, hot entrees and Lebanese wine can be purchased on the second floor café, which overlooks a stunning relief map of Lebanon.

SHOPPING: The products highly skilled artisans of Lebanon are available for sale.


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