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Malaysia Pavilion

Malaysia Pavilion

THEME: One Malaysia, City Harmonious Living

PAVILION: The inspiration for the Pavilion comes from the traditional Malaysian hut in the expression of a unique style and national spirit of union. The building will comprise two streamlined high slopes with a cross on top, the symbol of Malaysian architecture. The façade will be made from a combination of recyclable materials of palm oil and plastic.

Malaysia Pavilion night

EXHIBIT: Visitors will encounter world heritages of Penang and Malacca and get access to characteristic Malaysian artworks and their production process. Electronics, rubber and timber products will also be displayed in the Pavilion. As you enter the Pavilion, an e-notice board will display news from Malaysia. In the first floor lobby there is a display of the national flag and a map of the country. A display case showcases Malay national costumes, including more modern fashions. A reception desk is manned by helpful attendants who will be happy to discuss the Pavilion and opportunities for tourism and business investment in more detail. In the middle of the first floor there’s a tropical island complete with plants, wooden bridge, volcanic grotto and waterfall, along with the flora and fauna of Malaysia which not only introduce the local customs and travel resources but also give the visitors the experience of walking in a tropical rainforest. Next to the rainforest is the City Culture area, with displays of historic cultural heritage, home community culture, ocean resource and sand, using piamater baal ceiling and flower-patterned lighting effects to create a colorful view. Visitors can also play pitch and putt on an indoor course. An elevator imitates the famous Twin Towers of Kuala Lampur and takes visitors to the urban architecture exhibition area. This area is focused on the area of architecture and lets people have a three-dimensional impression of Malaysia. This area is a round space. A small theater will display continuously running short films on the scenery of Malaysia and the glory of its culture; visitors may come and go as they please. An art gallery displays some of the works of modern Malay artists on display at local museums.

Malaysia Pavilion Interior

CUISINE: There is a leisure area with a fast-food restaurant where visitors may rest and taste delicious Malaysian foods such as bak kut teh, a nutritious pork rib soup. You may also taste the white Malaysian coffee.

SHOPPING: There is a souvenir shop where visitors may buy souvenirs and handicrafts from Malaysia for their collections.


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