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Cambodia Pavilion

Cambodia Pavilion

THEME: Cultural Life in the City

PAVILION: The Pavilion fully embodies Cambodia’s sense of cultural heritage protection with its three distinct historical periods; Angkor Period, Odongk Period and Phnom Penh Period. These three periods have witnessed the development of Cambodia since its establishment to its modernization today, with rich culture, art, historical relics and abundant natural resources.

Cambodia Pavilion Interior

EXHIBIT: Visitors enter through a “time tunnel” which will take them to the three distinct periods of Cambodia. In the Angkor period, stone-built architecture will be highlighted as will be traditional techniques for building royal monasteries, temples, roads, reservoirs and hospitals by ancient Cambodians. A banyan tree, native to Cambodia, will greet visitors as well as a representation of a stone temple. Cambodian stoneworkers will be on hand to demonstrate this ancient craft. Exiting through a copy of the gates at Angkor Wat, visitors enter the Odongk period, where they can witness how Cambodians constructed their cities with timber. On display here is a traditional wooden Cambodian home as well as a ceremonial longboat. Finally, in the last section where we proudly display modern Cambodia, visitors can see how the capital was built with sand, gravel and cement, and discover the legend of how Phnom Penh got its name.

Cambodia Pavilion Interior

CUISINE: There is a small restaurant in the Pavilion serving Cambodian cuisine and beverages. It is located in the rear of the Phnom Penh gallery.

SHOPPING: Visitors can buy exquisite Cambodian jewelry in the Pavilion shop, along with many other gifts and souvenirs. The gift shop is located near the Pavilion exit.


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