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Brunei Darussalam Pavilion

Brunei Darussalam Pavilion

THEME: Now for the Future.

PAVILION: Visitors can enter the Pavilion through tropical rainforests, unique natural landscapes in Brunei. Special revolving patterns can be seen everywhere in the Pavilion. The upward trend and vertical pattern of this design, called “ayer muleh,” symbolizes the gradual improvement of the Bruneian people’s lives and their ambition for developing a better economy.

Brunei Darussalam Pavilion interior

EXHIBIT: Touch screens give visitors an overview of Brunei’s development since its establishment to the year 2035. 4D cinemas display colorful sceneries of Brunei via videos, sounds, wind and rainwater. The Pavilion is divided into five exhibition halls; visitors will meet the royal family of Brunei, see how the discovery of oil had a major affect on the lives and lifestyles of the Bruneian people and take their pictures of Brunei’s national mosque. Visitors enter the Pavilion at the reception desk, where helpful volunteers can answer questions about Brunei, the exhibit or pass out brochures about tourism and investment opportunities. A video playing at the reception desk will provide an introduction to Brunei to the casual visitor. Large portraits introduce you to the royal family, while a video on the perimeter wall depicts His Majesty’s speech regarding the future of Brunei, the outlook for a robust future and trade potential with China. The second area focuses on oil and its importance to the Bruneian economy as well as to the future of the world’s energy needs. The third area focuses on the culture of Brunei and her capital Darussalam; video stations in this area will exhibit Brunei’s place as the heart of Borneo. There is also a modest 15-seat 4D cinema that shows video clips of Brunei with sound effects, wind effects and even soft rain. The fourth area concentrates on Brunei’s investments into its own infrastructure, illustrating how Brunei is leading the way in social health care, education, economic diversification and ecological activism. In Area Five, there are presentations on Bruneian cuisine and lifestyle. A photographic representation of the national mosque is in this area, inviting visitors to take photographs for a timeless memory of their visit to Pavilion Brunei 2010.

Brunei Darussalam Pavilion

CUISINE: In the café Visitors can feast on Bruneian coffee, biscuits and cakes as well as certified Halal foods. There are also such Bruneian delicacies as spicy Nasi Lamak, Teh Tarikh, Murtabak and Bruneian fried noodles.

SHOPPING: For sale in the shop are traditional handicrafts such as silverware, baskets made entirely of dried leaves, traditional hats and other items that show off the talents of local artisans. Also to be sold is “Kain Tenunan Brunei” which is a rare and highly sought-after cloth that has gold thread woven through it and requires highly skilled weavers.


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