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Philippines Pavilion

Philippines Pavilion

THEME: Performing Cities

PAVILION: The surface of the Pavilion is made of transparent material in the shape of diamonds affixed to each other at the top and bottom points but not the right and left points. The material will shift in the wind and are made of a lenticular material that will create additional visual effects. The outer walls of the Pavilion are decorated with eye-catching murals.

Philippines Pavilion Interior

EXHIBIT: In the queue area a map of the Philippines will highlight tourist destinations. Videos will show performances of various local performers. Visitors to the Pavilion will be treated to a variety of different musical performances which include vocals, instrumentals, folk music, rock, rap and a variety of other styles, on one of three permanent stages with fixed, permanent lighting and cleverly concealed speakers. Performances will take place continuously throughout the day.

Philitippines Pavilion Exhib

CUISINE: There is a dining area at the rear of the Pavilion, where Filipino dishes and beverages may be purchased, along with traditional Chinese cuisine.

SHOPPING: Visitors may purchase a hydrotherapy treatment at the Spa. The gift shop at the exit has a good supply of souvenirs and gifts.


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