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Thailand Pavilion

Thailand Pavilion Exterior

THEME: Thainess: Sustainable Ways of Life

PAVILION: The Pavilion has been painted red and gold, colors that reflect good fortune. Traditional Thai architectural features, such as the tiered roof, highlight the look of the Pavilion. A replica of a bell tower used to commemorate Thai-Chinese friendship is on the roof of the outbuilding.

Thailand Pavilion Hydrochamber

EXHIBIT: The exhibition is divided into three separate halls. The first, the “Journey of Harmonies” features a 360 degree hydroscreen and will take visitors to the past to explore the lifestyle of Siamese people. It portrays the stories of the Thais who prospered waterside. The second hall, “Journey of Different Tones,” spotlights the interaction between rural and urban areas as well as Thailand’s friendly exchanges with other countries. It represents the Thai pursuit of peace and harmony. An indrajit, a tall fierce-looking statue, presides over the Hall, wishing visitors luck and prosperity. The third hall, “Harmony of Thais,” embodies the Thai attitude towards life – pursuing a simple lifestyle with contentment. The highlight here is a special film on Thainess, replete with animatronic robots that interact with the audience.

Thailand Pavilion Interior

CUISINE: The restaurant will serve Thai food with both piquant and milder flavors. Some of the items on the menu will include noodles in spicy prawn soup, chicken Khao Soi, Pad Thai with prawn, rice with pork and basil leaves, grilled chicken with Som Tum and sticky rice, sweet and sour chicken with rice or noodles, garlic pork with rice, noodles with minced pork, fish pate and noodles in chicken coconut galangal soup. Herbal ingredients are featured in many items to introduce the subtle health benefits of Thai cooking.

SHOPPING: Souvenirs are available.


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