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MeteoWorld Pavilion

MeteoWorld Pavilion

THEME: For Safety and Interest

PAVILION: The MeteoWorld Pavilion, funded by the United Nations World Meteorological Organization, is built with a white and transparent membrane structure to give the visitors the effect of walking in the clouds. Small mist sprayers have been evenly distributed on the surface of the Pavilion, and when all the sprayers are open, the entire Pavilion will appear to be a white floating cloud. When the altitude of the sun is less than 42 degrees, a rainbow may actually form around the Pavilion. The Pavilion will appear to float in the center of a pond, with access to the Pavilion available from three different entrances. Energy efficiency is highlighted in the design of the Pavilion. All steel structure and membrane materials can be recycled, a good way to build a temporary structure while offering a splendid appearance as required for exhibitions. The structure of the membrane with the spraying mist, working as a “respiration skin,” will cool down the Pavilion to realize the energy efficiency and green ideals.

MeteoWorld Pavilion

EXHIBIT: Exhibitions within the Pavilion focus on the “Walk in the Clouds.” Visitors will take a “space shuttle” into the sky and travel around the “Climate Change Gallery,” enjoy the “Wonders on Top of the Clouds,” observe the “Global Climatological Change,” experience the frontier technologies of the “Expo Meteorological Station” and have a vision of the high quality weather services at the “Future House.” 3D images and animations plus an experience of “Wind, Rain, Thunder and Lightning” will be provided on the second floor of the Pavilion to offer visitors a lot of fun. The Expo Meteorological Station is a cutting edge working weather station that will provide Expo tourists with the latest information on not only local weather conditions but also meteorological conditions around the planet. The Global Climatological Change exhibit simulates possible disasters that could occur due to a changing climate which will have a strong and significant impact upon visitors. It aims to propose a healthy and clean urban lifestyle, arouse visitors’ awareness of energy saving and abatement practices in their daily lives, and call for a joint effort to confront the challenges resulting from the Climatological changes caused by global warming.

MeteoWorld Pavilion

CUISINE: There is no dining area listed for the Pavilion.

SHOPPING: There is no specific shopping area listed for the Pavilion.


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