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International Red Cross & Red Crescent Pavilion

IFRC Pavilion

THEME: Humanity Without Boundary

PAVILION: The entrance is designed to resemble a white Red Cross tent, which is the most commonly needed item for disaster relief. The tent-structure of the Pavilion is meant to send a visual impact of being “on site” and “in action.”

IFRC Pavilion

EXHIBIT: As visitors queue up they will receive a red bracelet which is theirs to keep. It symbolizes a connection between all of us. The exhibit is divided into three areas. The first is “Dark Memories.” Visitors enter an extended corridor of time and space that rapidly darken to evoke the stifling atmosphere of conflict and disaster. Exhibits along the corridor relate various events in which the Red Cross/Red Crescent organization was involved. At the end of the corridor is a wall of mist on which images of hope and expectation are projected. They express aspirations for a better life after hardship and suffering. Visitors can walk freely through the mist wall, allegorically passing from the darkness into the “Light of Humanity,” which is the title for the second portion of the exhibit. As they walk inside, visitors will see an inscription on the wall: “After experiencing the darkness of wars and disasters, we’re longing for the light of humanism.” Here visitors will gather in a theater with a special Circular Screen, on which will be projected a short film which sets out how the International Red Cross and Red Crescent movement protects the life and health of people, how it upholds human dignity, how it prevents and lessens suffering, and other aspects of the organization’s tireless work. At the film’s conclusion, the final scene of hundreds of photos of Red Cross volunteers will see the screen split apart and the same scene that was the final scene of the film is on the wall of the final area, “Your Move.” Here there are four camera stations at which when the visitor shows their red bracelet, their image will be captured and projected onto the wall along with the volunteers, linking the visitor to the organization in an unforgettable way. Volunteer applications are available in this area as the visitors leave the Pavilion.

CUISINE: There is no dining area listed for the Pavilion.

SHOPPING: There is no specific shopping area listed for the Pavilion.


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