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International Development Information Network Association (DEVNET) Pavilion

DEVNET Pavilion

THEME: City Rescue and Harmonious Life-Integrative International Communication and Cooperation

PAVILION: The exterior of the Pavilion adopts “liquid glass” spray technology to give the glass walls more sparkle. Seven water-filled glass pillars stand at the entrance, a modern interpretation of the ancient Parthenon in Greece. Characters and patterns of the phrase “Love without borders” are formed in a circle, taking advantage of the pressure differences of the water inside the pillars.

DEVNET Pavilion

EXHIBIT: On the first floor, people active in public charities will be honored on Star Avenue. Gold-forged characters of 568 Chinese surnames are displayed on the second floor. The recent trend for world branding is examined on European and American Culture Street. Visitors can also learn how to make paper on Asian Culture Street.

CUISINE: The Pavilion has a small café selling snacks and beverages.

SHOPPING: There are two main shopping areas, one specializing in Asian goods and the other on European and North American goods. There is also a gift shop for Pavilion-related souvenirs.


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