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Urbanian Pavilion (Theme Pavilion)

Urbanian Pavilion

THEME: Overall Human Development is a Prerequisite for Sustainable Development of Cities

PAVILION: This is one of three Theme Pavilions located in the main Theme Building, the largest building of this type ever built for a World Exposition.

Urbanian Pavilion

EXHIBIT: The Urbanian Pavilion, focusing on the needs and development of people, tells the story of modern city-dwellers. In five sections – “Family,” “Work,” “Contact,” “Learning” and “Health” – visitors will see videos of six real families from six cities in five different continents. Together with the exhibits, setting and multimedia installations, the sight of 11 cities are shown. Visitors will have a vivid view of urban residents’ lives and it is the pursuit of a better life that draws people to cities. Visitors will arrive through the Preface Hall, where we are introduced to our six families. Through a combination of wax figures and video, we will be given a three-dimensional view combining with the video motion to give us a clearer sense of reality. In the Family section, mirrors mounted from floor to ceiling create 3D pictures, as if providing visitors a window through which they can observe the lives of the six families. Dozens of display boxes show video and still photographs of our families, giving the effect of a massive peep show. A gigantic machine, a metaphor as “factory, stock exchange and clock,” is installed in the Work section. Screens of varying size are mounted on the machine to demonstrate how people work in different cities. The machine rotates and moves as if driven by gears. Visitors are channeled on a circular path so that they may view the machine from all sides.

Urbanian Pavilion

The Contact section uses a full dome screen to create a 360 degree projection to show the social life of different family members. The video presentation revolves around the room, allowing visitors to see all of the families without having to crane their necks around to find them.  The Learning section creates a circumstance resembling a traditional classroom and library, and shows the learning experiences of family members and the educational and cultural facilities in cities. This spectacular exhibit creates an enormous library with bookshelves filled with books reaching towards the heavens. Orange ladders point towards the clouds, symbolizing the value of education in achieving the limitless. Digital chalkboards show our families in various educational situations. The Health section shows the videos and other data concerning the health of family members and creates an environment that is clean, fresh and healthy. These are projected onto a white curtain, symbolizing hospitals and medical care. The ceiling is covered with leafy greenery, symbolizing the contribution of parks and green space to the health and well-being of our cities. Finally, visitors will reach the end of the Pavilion, where the families will wave goodbye and a forest of signposts will point them on the rest of their journey.

Urbanian Pavilion

CUISINE: There is no dining area listed for the Pavilion.

SHOPPING: There is no specific shopping facility listed for the Pavilion.


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