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Urban Planet Pavilion (Theme Pavilion)

Urban Planet Pavilion

THEME: Humanity in Symbiosis with City and Planet

PAVILION: This is one of three Theme Pavilions located in the main Theme Building, the largest building of this type ever built for a World Exposition.

Urban Planet Pavilion

EXHIBIT: The six sections of the exhibit include “Blue Planet,” “Children in the World,”  “Road Towards Crisis,” “The Change of Perception,” “The Road to Solutions” and “The Only Planet We Have.” The overall exhibit is meant to convey how the development of cities – sometimes overdevelopment – produces ecological problems and how people awaken to urbanization and environmental challenges. Visitors come to understand cities as a source of both problems and solutions. Blue Planet is a huge globe that represents the Earth. The top of two parallel spiral ramps offers a good view of the 32-meter diameter globe. The Blue Planet will show how cities, urban development and human behaviors impact the planet. Children in the World will look at children in various places around the world and how they are impacted by problems like urban sprawl and greenhouse gas emissions.

Urban Planet Pavilion

The Road Towards Crisis will look at various environmental concerns that threaten our world and our species. Water illustrates the impending shortages of clean, drinkable life-sustaining water as global warming reduces rainfall worldwide. Fire illustrates the results of a world rendered uninhabitable by greenhouse gasses. Metal shows the results of a world stripped of its resources, completely deserted. In Wood, a world full of dull black and white skyscrapers showing dull newscasts also remind us of the natural world we have lost in our headlong rush to service the Urban overdevelopment. Earth will display the gigantic scrapheap our planet is becoming as the overwhelming amount of refuse and waste humans produce is rapidly our ability to safely dispose of it. The Only Planet We Have is a short movie about the interaction between cities, the Earth and people. The Road to Solutions will include a presentation by Daimler on their new smart electric drive, an electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery, a major step in sustainable mobility. They are also presenting their Cars2Go concept currently being pioneered in Austin, Texas and Ulm, Germany that may change automobile ownership paradigms. The progress of Mike Horn’s Pangaea Expedition will also be displayed.

Urban Planet Pavilion

CUISINE: There is no dining area listed for the Pavilion.

SHOPPING: There is no specific shopping facility listed for the Pavilion.


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