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City Being Pavilion (Theme Pavilion)

City Being Pavilion

THEME: The City Like a Living Being Needs the Protection of Humanity to Remain Healthy

PAVILION: This is one of three Theme Pavilions located in the main Theme Building, the largest building of this type ever built for a World Exposition.

City Being Pavilion

EXHIBIT: The theme of life, or a city’s journey of life, runs through all its exhibitions. In a metaphorical way with high cutting edge technologies, a city is compared to a living being consisting of body and soul. Metabolism and circulation are important for it to function properly. Constant adjustment between mankind and their cities is the key to the health of the city being.  Visitors enter through the “Preface Hall” where lighted text illustrates various facts about modern urban life. The text is displayed on walls made up of various textures common to urban environments. Visitors then continue on into “Vigor Station” which has five kiosks which represent population, logistics, energy, finance and information. The LCD display shows, on a real time basis, the train, airways, ship and foreign exchange information for the world’s major cities. There is also a set of five trains from various eras of history representing the evolution of transportation. A set of archway windows gives the overall impression of a train station from the Golden Age of train travel. The next stop in the Pavilion is the “Circulation System” which leads visitors through vast underground pipes. The pipeline section has many interactive features to highlight the vulnerability of cities and inspire visitors to contemplate their responsibilities towards the protection of cities. There is also a waiting queue to enter the next area in which preface videos are shown. Visitors will then enter a 360 degree circular theater called The “City Plazas” which features movies about the world-renowned city plazas and provides a clue towards the cultural identities of different cities. Visitors will be amazed by the seven screens surrounding the circle and the Sky Screen above. The library in the “City Street” section tries to use ten books to show how ten cities’ rise or fall impacts the lives of people whereas the cafes section shows how food and cuisine serves to bring people together.

City Being Pavilion

CUISINE: There is no dining area listed for the Pavilion.

SHOPPING: There is no specific shopping facility listed for the Pavilion.


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