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Switzerland Pavilion

Swiss Pavilion

THEME: Rural and Urban Interaction

PAVILION: A combination of technological insight and beautiful dream, the Swiss Pavilion best shows the characteristics of modern Switzerland, its pursuit of excellence, innovation and high quality life as well as concepts of future-facing, forward-looking and sustainable development. From an architectural point of view, the Pavilion embodies the symbiosis between Town and Country. Two cylinders inside the Pavilion and the underside of the roof encompass the Urban Area. The Urban Area will be deliberately isolated, physically and acoustically. With its hard, rough floor and its characteristics of noise, shade, activity and constant movement, it corresponds to the Chinese “yin.” The planted roof with its gently undulating topography is a complementary contrast to the Urban Area; this open, bright and peaceful landscape corresponds to the Chinese “yang.” The element that links the two areas is a chairlift that transports visitors from urban pressures into the lightness of nature and back again. An interactive, intelligent façade enveloping the Pavilion is a curtain of woven aluminum elements under which visitors must pass to access the Urban Area on the ground floor. LED lights comprised of an energy source, a storage unit and a consuming unit is incorporated into the façade. The energy produced is made visible in the form of flashes that are triggered by the Pavilion surroundings such as sunlight or flash photography. Thanks to the storage of energy in each individual cell, the façade is also active at night when the cells will trigger each other.

Swiss Pavilion

EXHIBIT: Visitors enter the exhibition through an opening in the façade net. They are immediately directed along a ramp leading upwards. Along the route of the exhibition, 50 viewers set up along the ramp offer visitors three dimensional glimpses of innovative and sustainable Swiss success stories. These stories illustrate Switzerland’s practical solutions to challenges such as maintaining excellent air and water quality, sustainable construction and public transport. At the top of the ramp is an IMAX theater where an edited for length version of the hit IMAX presentation “The Alps” is presented. The film shows the beauty and majesty of the mountains, but also how harsh and difficult a habitat it is for those who dwell in the mountains.

Swiss Pavilion

Following the film presentation, visitors will encounter twelve Swiss citizens in life-size images on screens in the “face to face room”. They will talk about their visions of the future, their expectations and their dreams. This section focuses on the responsible citizen, which is a prerequisite for a healthy and sustainable future. Visitors will then descend the ramp to the chairlift ride, which takes them in a circular route up the second cylinder onto the roof and back down. The entire journey takes about ten minutes.

CUISINE: The public restaurant is located on the ground floor near the exit for the chairlift ride. It seats about 100 guests with both indoor and outdoor seating. It will serve authentic and tasty Swiss dishes and beverages. Throughout the Expo, participants from the world famous Montreaux Jazz Festival will entertain diners with world class jazz and pop music.

Swiss Pavilion

SHOPPING: The Pavilion shop is located on the ground floor and will be selling items from such famous Swiss manufacturers as Swatch, Weisbrod, Kuenzli, Logitech and Nestle, as well as an array of Pavilion-related souvenirs. Solar cells like the ones on the Pavilion façade will also be sold in the Shop, as well as indelibly Swiss items such as raclette ovens and flowercards.


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