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France Pavilion

France Pavilion

THEME: The Sensual City

PAVILION: The Pavilion is impressive with a large, classical roof garden and a pond, on which the Pavilion appears to be floating. The walls of the square-shaped structure are made from a special concrete and are covered in plants which gives the illusion of a floating palace. Gardens are the centerpiece of the Pavilion, which was constructed using an innovative wire mesh structure which was used to create the latticed concrete effect that surrounds the Pavilion.

France Pavilion

EXHIBIT: The exhibit is geared towards the senses, with special galleries that are tailored to each of the senses; sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. Visitors will be able to admire French gardens, smell French perfume, taste French cuisine, touch the cool water of pools and fountains and watch clips from classic French cinema to soak up the glamour of France. Several masterpieces from the Musee d’Orsay by such masters as Gaughin, van Gogh, Rodin, Cezanne and Manet will be exhibited at the Expo, the first time many of them have been out of the country. An escalator will take Visitors to the main exhibition floor, where they can choose to take a stroll through the lovely rooftop garden. The first exhibit visitors arrive at will be a video wall that shows the weather of France as well as introduce the people of France to the Expo. The next section will take visitors inside a French kitchen where they can witness the preparation of world-famous French food. From there it is on to the streets of Paris, where visitors will get to know the laid-back lifestyle of France. This leads into the first of our sense galleries – taste. From there on, we will continue along our journey into France, witnessing the serenity of French urban green spaces as well as the grandeur of the iconic monuments of France. We will get a sense of the urban setting of France. Next is the gallery of smell, as the scents that exemplify the French culture will tantalize visitors with an olfactory journey into France. Continuing along the exhibition corridor, scenes from the acclaimed classics of French cinema are projected onto the wall.

France Pavilion

This leads us directly into the Hearing Gallery, where the sounds of France both urban and rural will delight the visitor. The exhibition corridor will then present France’s historic relationship with the ocean, which takes us into the touch gallery where two sculptures – the Accommodating Structure and the Landscape Bridge, are on display for visitors to touch as they please.

France Pavilion

This leads to one of the great draws of the Pavilion – the works of art from the Musee d’Orsay. Following this extraordinary experience, visitors enter the last of the senses – the sight gallery, with a spectacular fantasy film called “The Extraordinary Voyage.” Visitors will then descend via escalator to the ground floor, where they can wander about freely and enjoy the topiary and fountains in the open-air Pavilion courtyard. Visitors will also be able to arrange romantic French weddings at the Pavilion.

France Pavilion

CUISINE: What would a French Pavilion be without a restaurant to show off their famous cuisine? Master chefs Jacques and Laurent Pourcel are only too happy to introduce visitors to the wonders of French cooking in the exciting Pavilion restaurant 6sens.

SHOPPING: The Pavilion will be selling a wealth of perfume, wine, cookware and other uniquely French items, as well as souvenirs from the Pavilion.


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