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Belgium-European Union Pavilion

Belgium-European Union Pavilion

THEME: Movement and Interaction

PAVILION: The warm and calm exterior appearance contrasts with its novel and attractive interior design. The large span structure offers a community space, presenting simultaneously a harmonious relationship between introversion and openness. It also includes the European Union exhibition hall with an area of 1,000 square meters. The “Brain Cell” structure is employed in the main body of the Pavilion, which is also the design concept of the building. The inspiration of “Brain Cell” neuron comes from Belgium’s rich achievements in science and art and its status as one of the European political centers. At night, the “Brain Cell” will change colors to blend in with the colorful and exciting night life of the Expo Garden.

Belgium-European Union Pavilion

EXHIBIT: Belgium will spotlight its recognized expertise in domains such as chemistry, biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals, sustainable entrepreneurship and mobility.

Belgium-European Union Pavilion

Visitors will enter past a reception desk and through an audio-visual tunnel into the China-Belgium Welcome corner, in which the portraits of famous Belgian personages will be displayed, including the current Royal family and, of course, the Smurfs. This will take you to a display of Brussels, Capital of Europe in which an aerial photograph of the Belgian capital will be displayed. Visitors will then enter the Belgium in 3D Tunnel in which 3D films of various Belgian scenes and cultural activities will be displayed. At the end of the tunnel is a wall-size picture of the International Space station, from which Belgian astronaut Frank de Winne will broadcast a welcome message. The next gallery will celebrate Belgian achievements in Health and Life Sciences, with Belgian-made breakthroughs from the past and present on display. Discovering sciences will look at science and Belgian literature that took science fiction and turned it into science fact. The Mobility Zone will look at how Belgium has approached the daunting logistics of mass transit and modernizing mobility. A look at architecture will highlight iconic Belgian buildings of the past, present and future, including a look back at Expo 1958, held in Brussels that brought the world the Atomium. This area also looks at eco-designs for future living, as well as Belgian advances in alternative energy.

Belgium-European Union Pavilion

A delightful display of “Dancing Flowers” leads the way into a look at Belgium’s world famous chocolate. In this corner, guests will be able to watch Belgian chocolatiers create magical confections. Some samples will be given away here as well. Short videos illustrate the history of chocolate making in Belgium. The next display concerns the Princess Elizabeth Antarctic Station and the exciting discoveries being made by this Belgian polar station.

Belgium-European Union Pavilion

Adjacent is the Diamond Corner, an exhibit on the Belgian diamond industry, one of the leading sources of the precious stone in the world. Finally, there is a tourism corner where visitors can get further information on exploring Belgium on their own. The European Union Pavilion, held in the same building, will highlight achievements of the European Union including the Erasmus student exchange program, the conversion to a single European currency, institution of fair trade among member states and the formation of a joint European space commission, among other things. Animated films present tourist attractions in Europe (such as the Eiffel Tower and the Acropolis), environmental protection in the EU and European history.

CUISINE: The Belgian Beer Café will offer over 20 different beers from throughout Belgium. The Pavilion restaurant, Belgium Essence will feature 12 Michelin-starred chefs from various Belgian provinces will rotate duties in the restaurant to provide some of the wonderful cuisine from Belgium. 

Belgium-European Union Pavilion

SHOPPING: Diamonds and chocolate will be sold to the public in their respective corners. Also, further products of Belgium and Pavilion souvenirs will be sold in the Pavilion. All of the shops are located adjacent to the Diamond Corner near the entrance of the European Union Pavilion.


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