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Luxembourg Pavilion

Luxembourg Pavilion

THEME: Small is Beautiful

PAVILION: The Pavilion design comes from the literal Chinese translation of Luxembourg – “Forest and Fortress.” Its profile is inspired by the medieval tower. The Pavilion will be covered with a plant wall conveying the image of a forest with a tower that will be surrounded by greenery.

Luxembourg Pavilion

EXHIBIT: People-friendly designs include ample entry gates and exits will allow visitors to avoid long lines and ensure a long stay in the Pavilion. Visitors may watch video programs, or take a rest while enjoying the beautiful scenery on the green roof. Children can play in the game area at the open wing tower. An allocated space for cultural exchange will be set up at the center of the 15-meter tower, featuring a two-way audio-visual transmission via satellite between Luxembourg and Shanghai.  Visitors will enter through The Green Heart of Europe, a stylized “forest” with video screens embedded in the “tree trunks” showing short animated films illustrating the importance of nature in the urban environment, and explaining why biodiversity is essential for life. Green “leaves” hang from the ceiling, giving the visitor a feeling of wandering in a sun-dappled forest.

Luxembourg Pavilion

Schengenland, the next stop in the pavilion, showcases Luxembourg as the gateway to Europe as a signatory of the Schengen agreement, allowing visitors to travel to 25 different countries on a single visa. The other member states as well as the details of the agreement are displayed here.  A curved video wall offers an impressive view of Luxembourg, explaining why it makes the ideal gateway. The third exhibit concentrates on Population and Economy. Pillars of light illuminate the gallery, making a supremely modern look; people-sized video screens, called “Totems,” display the people of Luxembourg and serve to introduce visitors to A Whole World in One Country. In the final exhibit gallery, visitors will see colorful wooden signposts that act as the three pillars of Sustainable Development; Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources, Sustainable Economic Development and Social Solidarity. From here, visitors will exit into the beautiful terraced gardens of the Pavilion, filled with bright blooming fragrant flowers. A short walk up a ramp leads to the roof garden, where visitors will enjoy spectacular views of the Expo, as well as be able to see up close The Golden Lady, an iconic sculpture brought from Luxembourg to the Expo for the entire world to enjoy.

Luxembourg Pavilion

CUISINE: The restaurant will provide special food and drink from Luxembourg, such as beer, wine, sausages and traditional dishes, as well as Chinese food. It is located in the terrace garden, affording visitors a pleasant dining environment. The Kang Mang group, well-known Chinese restaurateurs, who have several restaurants in Luxembourg, will provide the management.

SHOPPING: Visitors will be able to buy Shanghai stamps, which will be printed in 2010 by the Luxembourg Post, and special Shanghai Euro coins issued by the Luxembourg Central Bank to celebrate the Expo.


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