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Italy Pavilion

Italy Pavilion

THEME: City of Man

PAVILION: The Pavilion is inspired by the children’s game “Pick-Up Sticks” which is called “Shanghai” in Italy. The rectangular Pavilion is laced with intersecting lines representing the Pick-Up Sticks. This serves to divide the Pavilion into 20 functional modules, representing the 20 states of Italy. The exterior is covered with a anti-microbial paint that literally eats smog, actually reducing pollutants around it.

Italy Pavilion

EXHIBIT: Visitors will enter through a grand foyer which is modeled after the Olympia Theater in Vicenza, designed by the Italian architect Andrea Palladio and is a World Heritage Site for UNESCO as the world’s oldest surviving enclosed theater. The entry is roughly one-half the size of the actual theater. A bas-relief sculpture, displaying the world Welcome in languages from throughout the world as well as the Chinese character for “Fu” meaning happiness, decorates the foyer.

Italy pavilion

The first gallery is Italy in Motion, showing innovations of past and present that have kept Italy moving over the centuries, including the 1923 Isotta Fraschini car, known as the most luxurious ever built; the Aprilia motorbike which won the last Superbike championship; the Shanghai bicycle, designed specifically for this exhibition and for the needs of the citizen of Shanghai, and the Vibram five fingers shoes, which is the next best thing to being barefoot and is considered by experts to provide more foot support than standard shoes. Modern artwork from various Italian painters and sculptors also adorn the gallery.

Italy Pavilion

The next room is The Making Of, which features live demonstrations of Italian craftsmen performing their painstaking crafts on a rotating basis. Relic restoration, carpentry, shoe-making, pastry making, cartoon animation and violin making are among the skills on display. Tapestries embroidered on Chinese silk from the Renaissance era will leave Italy for the first time to be displayed here in this room. Designer bookshelves and other furniture show one of the hallmarks of Italian design; that furniture can be beautiful and modern as well as functional. Videos accompany each piece to explain how they can be further utilized. The next gallery, Italian Architecture, displays the grandeur of one of Italy’s most treasured skills. Models and pictures show amazing achievements in the discipline from past, present and future.

Italy Pavilion

The next gallery, I-Tech, will display modern innovations from Italian designers, including Ferrari’s first Hybrid vehicle, a high tech motorcycle suit, and a street cleaning robot. After that, A Bite of Italy celebrates Italian cuisine, with a field of golden wheat on the ceiling, an olive tree growing from the floor and numerous artworks depicting the importance of food in the Italian lifestyle.

Italy Pavilion

Wall displays show the incredible varieties of wine and pastas available in Italian cuisine. From here, visitors will exit into the main courtyard celebrating the Joy of Living. Special events will take place here, from cultural performances to recitals. An escalator rises through a replica of the dome of the Cathedral of Florence up to an exhibition promoting the next universal Expo, to be held in Milan in 2015.

Italy Pavilion

CUISINE: Located on the second floor, the restaurant features world-class Italian cuisine, much of it inspired by Chinese cuisine that Marco Polo imported nearly a millennium ago. Caravaggio is divided into two distinct restaurants; one, a white-themed buffet and the second a la carte dining with a black theme.

Italy Pavilion

SHOPPING: Visitors will be able to buy fabulous Italian designer goods as well as souvenirs in the Pavilion shopping galleria.


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