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African Union Pavilion

African Union Pavilion

THEME: The Great Benefits of Clean Energy on Africa’s Urban Management

PAVILION: An impressive entrance presents African script and statuary with a shimmering earth model on the side, showing African status in world affairs and the focus on protecting the world environment. Visitors tour a curved corridor along which the AU presentation will exhibit the development, urbanization, economic rise and cultural heritage of the member nations of the African Union.

African Union Pavilion

EXHIBIT: Visitors enter through a grand entrance in which gigantic primitive figures are displayed, representing the cultural history of tribal Africa. Script on the sculpture welcomes the visitor in the many languages of the globe. The flags of the member nations of the African Union are prominently displayed, as are photo-dioramas portraying the ongoing urbanization of the African continent. In the main gallery, a globe structure sits in the center, illustrating the place of Africa in world affairs, particularly in the fight to protect the global environment. Here, in the Pavilion’s central forum, presentations will be made to exhibit the commitment of the African Union to utilize clean energy in urban development, and illustrate the vitality of Africa and the positive contributions that the harmonious development of the continent make to world peace in the decades since the colonial era. Films displayed on video screens around the central forum reinforce this, as well as show the ongoing effort to protect, restore and maintain the ancient African culture even as the modernization of Africa continues to move forward.

CUISINE: There is no dining area listed for the Pavilion.

SHOPPING: African artwork and crafts are on sale in a small shop outside the entrance.

Note: This Pavilion is located in the Africa Joint Pavilion.


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