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Botswana Pavilion

Botswana Pavilion

THEME: A Heritage of Peace

PAVILION: A welcoming archway admits visitors in a free-flowing way that allows easy access to the Pavilion. A gigantic diamond structure represents the abundant mineral resources of Botswana. A globe hangs in the archway, symbolizing the importance of African culture in world affairs.

Botswana Pavilion

EXHIBIT: The Pavilion is divided into three sections; Beautiful Botswana (highlighting the natural resources and natural charm for the tourist), History and Heritage (highlighting the colorful and rich culture of Botswana) and City and Life (highlighting the urban development of the nation). Visitors enter past the diamond structure into Beautiful Botswana, where video and photo displays illustrate the natural landscape of Botswana, with vast pastures, diverse wildlife and the charm of the Okavango Delta. The visitors then can enter History and Heritage, where displays of wood carving, stone carving, ancient buildings, music, paintings, the art of dance and local cuisine give them a sense of the diversity and wisdom of Botswanan culture. The exhibit will also display the effects that technology has had in raising the nation from primitivism to the modern culture that Botswana is today. Finally, visitors will enter the City and Life gallery where once again photos and video will illustrate how the abundant natural resources and cultural accumulation have impacted the development of the Botswanan urban environment.

CUISINE: There is no dining area listed for the Pavilion.

SHOPPING: There is no specific shopping facility listed for the Pavilion.

Note: This Pavilion is located inside the Africa Joint Pavilion


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