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Ghana Pavilion

Ghana Pavilion

THEME: Garden Cities

PAVILION: The entrance to the Pavilion recreates one of Ghana’s most iconic structures, the Gate of Freedom and Justice, with West African artwork and architecture serving to act as juxtaposition with the modern architecture of Ghana’s cities.

Ghana Pavilion

EXHIBIT: Typical Ghanaian houses are depicted on the interior of the Pavilion, full of vibrant colors. In the main exhibition gallery, the characteristics of Ghana as a modern West African city are presented, with displays of luxurious holiday resorts and industrial development. There are also displays on traditional Ghanaian traditional characteristics, including herbal medicines, masks, ethnic costumes, drums and cloth artwork. In the secondary gallery, the gradual urbanization and development of Ghana is displayed with exhibits on social development, new modes of urban construction that are environmentally friendly and our commitment to the rational use of resources. Both galleries are decorated with the colorful art of Ghana.

CUISINE: Visitors will be treated to a complimentary taste of their unique cocoa brandy.

SHOPPING: At a special bazaar near the entrance, different handicrafts from a variety of Ghanaian merchants will be made available for sale.

Note: This Pavilion is located in the Africa Joint Pavilion.


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