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Sudan Pavilion

Sudan Pavilion

THEME: City and Peace

PAVILION: The visually striking façade of the Pavilion takes its inspiration from one of the country’s iconic structures, Suakin Gate, which projects a feeling of solemnity and nobility.

Sudan Pavilion

EXHIBIT: Upon entering the Pavilion, visitors will be treated to the sight of ancient paintings loaned by the Sudanese National Museum. These priceless artworks give the visitors a sense of the ancient culture of the Sudan. On either side of the exhibit, multi-media displays illustrate urban scenes, folk art and Sudan’s ceaseless efforts at wildlife protection. In the rear of the Pavilion, video displays show the history of Sudan and the natural scenery that the country is justifiably famous for. Display cubes show the agricultural products of the region. On the ceiling is a transparent membrane through which colored light is projected, creating a striking visual effect. Small tables and chairs display the unique Sudanese painted art.

CUISINE: There is no dining area listed for the Pavilion.

SHOPPING: There is no specific shopping facility listed for the Pavilion.

Note: This Pavilion was located in the Africa Joint Pavilion.


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