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Egypt Pavilion

Egypt Pavilion

THEME: Cairo Mother of the World: A City That Keeps Reinventing Itself

Egypt Pavilion

PAVILION: The stark, sleek modern Pavilion incorporates black and white that emphasizes the yin and yang of Egypt’s modern society and her glorious ancient civilization.

Egypt Pavilion

EXHIBIT: The white ribbon that is visible on the outside of the Pavilion continues throughout the interior of the Pavilion and serves not only to link the various exhibition spaces but also as the background onto which a film about the wonders of the Egyptian civilization is projected.

Egypt Pavilion

Eight major antiquities from the Egyptian Museum are being displayed, including the column of Hathor (which acts as the Pavilion’s centerpiece), a statue of the pharaoh Amenhoteph IV (who was Tutankamun’s father) and the mask of Sheshonq II. Other aspects of the Pavilion will use slideshows, films and display items to communicate the modern Cairo to visitors. The human dwelling from prehistoric times up until the modern era, is also on display at the Pavilion.

Egypt Pavilion

CUISINE: There is no dining area listed for the Pavilion.

SHOPPING: There is a small shopping area in the Pavilion where you can purchase Egyptian handicrafts and have your name written in hieroglyphics on papyrus.

Egypt Pavilion


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