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Tunisia Pavilion

Tunisia Pavilion

THEME: Enthusiastic City, Connected City

PAVILION: The façade of the Pavilion utilizes the traditional Tunisian architectural element of the high archway. The glass on the Pavilion’s front as well as the grating plates on the sides of the Pavilion gives it a modern yet timeless quality.

Tunisia Pavilion

EXHIBIT: Visitors enter at a reception desk flanked by palm trees at which information and brochures about Tunisia may be obtained. From there visitors will enter the main exhibition hall, which is a recreation of a typical Tunisian household courtyard. At the center is a fountain in the shape of a globe through which colored lights shine through streams of water that play along the globe. Surrounding the courtyard are arch pillars inspired by those at old Ockba Great Mosque holding up a curved wall which is adorned with traditional white and blue tiles featuring patterns common in Arabic architecture. Here, displays on Tunisian culture, artwork, products and scenery will help acquaint visitors with the Tunisian people and Tunisian prosperity.

Tunisia Pavilion

At the rear of the great hall is the Coffee Hall. Here visitors may make their own Tunisian coffee, or simply lose themselves in the fabulous aroma of Tunisia’s national beverage. Finally, visitors will make their way into an amphitheatre that is inspired by the Roman amphitheatre at El Jem. Here, films that feature the spectacular countryside of Tunisia will be screened on a large screen format.

Tunisia Pavilion

CUISINE: Visitors may enjoy the delicious and potent Tunisian coffee in the Coffee Hall. 

SHOPPING: There is no specific shopping facility listed for the Pavilion.


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