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Algeria Pavilion

Algeria Pavilion

THEME: House of My Fathers

PAVILION: The Pavilion boasts typical architecture of the Kasbah, the alluring central city of Algiers.

Algeria Pavilion

EXHIBIT: Visitors enter down a reproduction of the crowded and narrow streets of the Kasbah. The scents of Algerian spices, sold on street corners in the Kasbah, waft through the air, transporting the visitors immediately to the exotic North African country. Here, visual and interactive displays are kept to a minimum in order to preserve the illusion of walking the streets of the Kasbah.

Algeria Pavilion

As visitors move through the streets, they will slowly rise up a series of easy riser steps to a viewing area above the rooftops of the Kasbah they just walked through. Here a movie about the varied landscapes and cultures of Algeria is projected onto the very rooftops from projectors hanging from the roof of the Pavilion, giving a surreal and fun experience to visitors rather than just setting them in a traditional theater and projecting the same images on a screen. Following the film, visitors will descend into an interactive area where they can find out more information about the images they’ve seen in the film.

Algeria Pavilion

CUISINE: There is no dining area listed for the Pavilion.

SHOPPING: Adjacent to the interactive zone there is a large bazaar that will make available products and crafts of Algeria, as well as souvenirs from the Pavilion for purchase.


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