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Nigeria Pavilion

Nigeria Pavilion

THEME: Our Cities: Harmony in Diversity

PAVILION: The outer walls of the Pavilion are made to resemble Zuma Rock, gateway to the Nigerian capital of Abuja and one of the seven wonders of Africa. The rest of the Pavilion exterior makes use of the colors of the Nigerian national flag to create a striking exterior.

EXHIBIT: The Pavilion is divided into three distinct sections. The first, Light of Civilization, focuses on Nok and Ife artworks and the culture of the Benin people. The columns will be adorned with Adire fabrics and other local materials from the various ethnic groups in Nigeria. Native trees to Nigeria that play a vital economic role in the country’s export trade will help give the Pavilion a green and placid look. The second, A Peaceful Country on the Rise, includes a stage for performances of Nigerian music, dance and theater. Displays and interactive media will show the continuing economic rise of this country rich in natural resources, and predict that in the near future Nigeria will be one of the strongest economies in the world. The third section, Hopes, will display handicrafts, art and sketches that define the national image; e-books will inform visitors further of the Nigerian culture and wisdom.

CUISINE: There is a dining area adjacent to the second and third exhibit areas of the Pavilion.

SHOPPING: Local products and delicacies are available in a gift shop at the Pavilion’s exit.


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