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Russia Pavilion

Russia Pavilion

THEME: New Russia: City and Citizen

PAVILION: Twelve irregularly shaped 20 meter tall towers in white, gold and red surround a 15 meter high central building known as the “Civilization Cube.” Each of the twelve towers are decorated with the national symbols of the twelve regions of Russia. The buildings are meant to resemble the circular formation of a Russian folk dance, and the overall design is based on the City of Children from beloved Russian author Nicolai Nosov’s “The Adventures of DUNNO and His Friends.”

Russia Pavilion

EXHIBIT: The first section of the exhibition, City of the Future through the Eyes of Children is characterized by artwork by children, inspired by their solutions to modern urban challenges showing the wisdom and whimsy of Russian children. These are displayed throughout this gallery along the walls and in specialized display cases.

Russia Pavilion

In the Innovations Hall, displays on safe nuclear power including a model of a Fast Neutron Reactor, superconductors, water reclamation and floating nuclear co-generation plants all showcase Russian innovation and science. In the Regional Tower, the twelve regions of Russia show their technology, culture and innovation in various displays highlighting each individual region.

Russia Pavilion

The City of Talents is a fairy tale version of a city as might be imagined by children – it is located on the second floor of the Pavilion. Interactive touch screens flash games help in the understanding of this section of the Pavilion, where whimsical and colorful characters display innovative solutions to ongoing urban problems. Bright colors, giant fruit and vegetables, and video screens lend an air of fantasy and charm to the Pavilion.

Russia Pavilion

CUISINE: There are two dining facilities available at the Pavilion’s exit; one a fast-food counter window, the other a full service sit-down restaurant where guests may experience the full extent of Russian hospitality.

SHOPPING: At the Pavilion’s exit is an extensive gift shop, where Russian goods and Pavilion souvenirs may both be purchased.


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  1. brings back my memories of my visit to this pavilion thk you:)

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