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Romania Pavilion

Romania Pavilion

THEME: Greenopolis

PAVILION: Among the most visually distinctive Pavilions in all of Expo, the Romanian Pavilion takes its shape from the humble apple, one of the most favorite of fruits among the Romanian people. One apple sits on the ground, while a slice of apple lies next to it. The apple is green during the day but a multi-colored light display turns the apple even more spectacular by night.

Romania Pavilion

EXHIBIT: Visitors will pass through a beautifully landscaped queuing area into the grandstand of the slice which views the main stage, which makes up the second floor of the apple. Throughout the day there are performances of Romanian folk dancing, musical ensembles and documentary films. Visitors can relax in the shaded grandstand area and enjoy the performances at their leisure. From there they can enter the main exhibition area in the interior of the slice. The first area of the exhibit, Millennium in Retrospect, displays artifacts of Romania from Neolithic times to now, including pottery, with pictures and videos showcasing important historical sites. The second exhibit area, Social and Urban Development Promoted by History and Nature, looks at the Danube Delta marshlands and lakes for the example of an ecosystem that has been preserved and nurtured by the wisdom of the Romanian people. More than 300 varieties of birds and 45 rare species of fish dwell there, earning the region the nickname of “the largest geological and biolab in Europe.” Also, the excavation of the Molovy subterranean caves is examined, an excavation that in 1986 startled the scientific world by revealing an entirely new ecosystem reliant on chemosynthesis to sustain life. Here, the legend of vampires in Transylvania is also examined, as well as the spectacular painted monasteries of Moldova and the opulent manors of South Romania. The third exhibition area, City Lives Close to Nature, examines the development of the Romanian capital of Bucharest and its interaction with the natural world of Romania, as well as the ongoing efforts to transform the city into an example of green technology for the future.

Romania Pavilion

CUISINE: There is a restaurant and bar on the third floor of the apple. A glass wall allows diners to view spectacular Expo views, while LED screens show the performances on the main stage live as they happen. Diners will enjoy the unique spices and flavors of traditional Romanian food as well as refreshing Romanian beer, wine and other beverages while relaxing in the comfort of a modern restaurant.

SHOPPING: There is no specific shopping facility listed for the Pavilion.


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