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Austria Pavilion

Austria Pavilion

THEME: Austria – Feel the Harmony!

PAVILION: The outer skin of the Pavilion is red and white porcelain, symbolizing the “china” plates imported to Europe from China, now being returned to China with the red and white of Austria’s flag as well as the lucky Chinese color red to entice visitors.

Austria Pavilion

EXHIBIT: Visitors will enter past the calm waters of a pond that surrounds the Pavilion. Each portion of the exhibition will recreate some of the natural environments of Austria to display how the natural interacts with the urban in order to make a better life for those who live there. In the entrance area, the visitor is shown a powerful visual reminder of the similarities between Austria and China as the Huang Pu Bridge in Shanghai morphs into the Viennese Reichsbrucke, the Shanghai government building into Vienna’s City Hall and the Oriental Pearl Television Tower into the Big Wheel. The tour begins in the Mountain region, where visitors will get to touch “real” snow and feel the sensation of cold that is part of the Alpine life.

Austria Pavilion

The next stage of the tour takes visitors into the Austrian woods, where the scents of the forest and the sound of birds chirping transport the visitor into the Alpine forests of Austria. From time to time a mischievous squirrel might be seen playing at your feet! The next stop takes visitors into the lakes and rivers of Austria, an important aspect of transportation, drinking water, recreation and hydropower, all of which make the Austrian lifestyle possible. Finally, we look at the Austrian city itself, with Vienna the focal point, examining the Imperial Vienna with its timeless music and architecture to the vibrancy of modern Vienna, on the cutting edge of research and technology. In the city section the music of Mozart and Falco blend and transcend time and space to create an amalgam of past, present and future that shows the continuity of Austria along with her respect for all three. Animated wall installations throughout the journey illustrate various points about Austria’s economy, ecology and technology.

Austria Pavilion

CUISINE: There is a restaurant on the second floor of the Pavilion. Schanigarten will serve a variety of specialties from the various regions of Austria in an open-air environment. Some of the dishes served are Bretiljause (a snack platter of cheeses, sausages, mustard and gherkins), Wiener Schnitzel, Gulasch and world-famous Austrian pastries, all under the auspices of Chef Ewald Porsch of Ewald’s Restaurant and Café in Shanghai.

SHOPPING: Alongside the restaurant, the Pavilion shop is located on the second floor and will carry Austrian-made products as well as Pavilion souvenirs.


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