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Ireland Pavilion

Ireland Pavilion

THEME: Relationship Between Urban and Rural, Man-Made and Natural

PAVILION: The Pavilion is translucent and is meant to resemble a lantern; green space surrounding the Pavilion (and even including it) symbolizes the relationship between the natural and the man-made.

Ireland Pavilion

EXHIBIT: The Pavilion is comprised of five enclosed rectangular galleries, each one linked by a slight incline. Visitors enter the Welcome Hall, where a reception desk will greet visitors with information about the Pavilion, Irish tourism and economic opportunities. From there, visitors will enter into Atlantic Light, a corridor that will serve to both cool down the visitor as well as project a sense of calm. Along the walls and floors, video projections will give the effects of walking among the clouds, a soft Irish rainstorm and a green mountain stream. The gently sloping corridor leads into Irish Landscapes, the first of the five galleries. Along bay windows on the rear of the gallery, visitors will look out into the Expo (while Expo visitors can look into the Pavilion) and children can play a stick-on puzzle game on the windows. Along a large video projection screen wall, varying landscapes of Ireland slowly morph from one into another to create a changing vista of the diversity of land that is Ireland.

Ireland Pavilion

The next corridor, Portals of Time will take visitors through a variety of portals, ranging from the Poulnabrone Portal Dolmen of 6,000 years ago through the Clonfert Cathedral Door of 850 years ago to the Harp Bridge of modern Dublin. Along the walls will be projected various types of Irish settlements, from prehistoric Duns to monastic proto-towns. In a small corner of the next gallery, a short three-minute film Liffey Journey, will demonstrate the passage of the River Liffey from Sally Gap to Dublin Bay. The next Gallery, Urban Vista, is a semi-circular 180 degree theater in which a CGI film will take visitors on a magical trip through modern Dublin. Windows on the World is a view of the outdoor performance space for the Pavilion; when live performances are not scheduled, a video wall inside the Pavilion will project life-sized Irish dancers, inviting visitors to dance along with them. Visitors can monitor their own performance via one-way mirror glass that reflects the video image and their own dancing. The next corridor will provide a gallery of Irish Faces, both well-known and unknown.

Ireland Paviliion

The next gallery, Better Living, will display Irish homes of 100 years ago, 50 years ago and today, showing the progression of lifestyle and furnishings that have occurred in Irish homes over the years. The next corridor, Irish Creativity, will include actual artifacts, backlit photoboxes and video displays in a dimly lit corridor to display Irish products of past, present and future. Mirrors will give the illusion that the corridor stretches out into infinity.

Ireland Pavilion

The final gallery, Irish Dreams, uses a sophisticated projection technique to act as a summary of all that has come before and to show visitors a variety of images from Ireland. The Friendship Wall, showcasing the friendship between China and Ireland, is the visitor’s farewell to the Pavilion.

Ireland Pavilion

CUISINE: There is no dining area listed for the Pavilion.

SHOPPING: There is no specific shopping facility listed for the Pavilion.


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