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Greece Pavilion

Greece Pavilion

THEME: POLIS: The Living City

PAVILION: The Pavilion intends to present a slice of Greek life, condensing the 24 hour day into the 12 hours that the Pavilion will be operating. The exterior of the Pavilion will be colorful, inviting visitors to enter and experience the joy of life that the Greeks celebrate.

Greece Pavilion

EXHIBIT: The Pavilion doesn’t follow a linear narrative, so visitors are free to explore it however they wish. However, all visitors enter through the Reception area, where they will be greeted and told what “time of day” it is in the Pavilion (i.e. “Welcome to Greece. It is morning”). Here they can receive a “map” of the Pavilion if they so wish and use it to navigate their tour; there is a solar clock installation to help tell the Pavilion “time.”

Greece Pavilion

Along the left side of the Pavilion is the Sea Front, a water-filled canal which serves both as a linking device for the Pavilion but also represents the relationship between Greece and the sea. In one corner is The City and The Sea, a gallery that emphasizes this relationship as a spur for economic growth and exploration. The views of several Greek ports are in illuminated video screens, and visitors can also observe a ship travelling on the Aegean Sea.

Greece Pavilion

The Agora shows a cyclorama of the Greek capital of Athens. A wheel in the center of the room reveals various aspects of the moving panorama, which involves visitors in the exhibit interactively. A pair of touch screens on either side of the wheel shows specific “hot spots” that when touched show details of the view with further information; there are over 130 “hot spots” in all. The Urban-Rural gallery shows various Greek products, created in rural districts then brought to the urban areas for consumption. Visitors are invited to choose a product and then follow its development on video screens around the room.

Greece Pavilion

In the Ecology gallery, various challenges (i.e. air pollution, traffic congestion etc.) are presented on a big screen. In the center of the room is a half-ring like structure. A visitor can interact by placing their hand on the structure; when two other visitors follow suit, a sound is heard and three possible solutions to the challenge are projected on side screens. A Theater presents cultural performances ranging from symphony orchestras, buskers, dancers and theatrical presentations are presented, filmed live in Greece at various times of the day prior to the Expo. The performances shown on the screen will correspond to the time of “day” it is in the Pavilion. The Living Together gallery show Greeks in various cities and locations interacting with one another as well with non-Greeks in projected images on screens corresponding to the time of “day” it is in the Pavilion. In the Prosperity gallery, four screens show interlinking images that illustrate the prosperity of Greece, from technical innovation to tourism development. Finally, in the Square, visitors will see the skeleton of a traditional Greek ship floating in a simulated harbor and an olive tree, giving the impression of the Greek lifestyle as they exit the Pavilion.

Greece Pavilion

CUISINE: In the central square is an open-air-style cafe that will introduce visitors to the charm of Greek al fresco dining and the world-famous delicious Greek cuisine.

SHOPPING: There is a small counter at the exit of the Pavilion at which Greek goods and souvenirs are sold.


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